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Healing Events
Two Mediums With Spirit

Thursday, Jan. 11th
Two Mediums with Spirit is an event where Dave & Jonella present one of the most interesting gatherings.
Unique to this Couple.
They will connect with your loved ones and friends who have crossed over. 

They will bring evidence that life continues in the next world.

This amazing effort to work with the same spirit uses "double-link" which is a European style of mediumship.

Dave & Jonella trained in the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, Florida and at the Arthur Findlay College in Essex, United Kingdom. 

www.DaveandJonella.com COST $10  

Gentle Yoga $5
Tues. and Thur. from 11am -12pm with Susan Royal RYT200, LVCYT
Temp: No Heat Time: 60min.
Perfect for those who cannot meet the demands of physically straining exercises and need to explore postures slowly and carefully. 

This class is useful for people who are recovering from an injury, women who are pregnant, seniors, those new to the practice of yoga, those who are looking for a more relaxed and laid back workout or those who are looking to develop their overall flexibility.  

Chair Yoga $5
Wednesdays from 11am -12pm with Susan Royal RYT200, LVCYT
Temp: No Heat Time: 60min. 
Chair yoga provides all the wonderful health benefits of yoga, relaxes your body and mind, improves fitness and flexibility and elevates your overall health and well-being. Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga ™ (Get Fit Where You Sit) is the Chair Yoga program used by the Mayo Clinic and NYC Board of Education.


Root Down to Rise Up
Sunday, December 17  from 4-6pm with Shelly Kwiatkouski 

Our feet are the only part of our body exclusively designed to have a relationship with the ground. We have the power and potential to use our feet with as much skill and intelligence as we do our hands, and yet, most of us will suffer the effects of age, neglect and abuse on them well before we need to.
This workshop is designed to raise our awareness about the importance of using our feet when we do our yoga poses, and how to bring back to balance their full potential – on and off the mat.
All levels of practitioner are welcome in this hands-on/feet-on workshop!
Expect to learn:
– how to achieve better balance in your poses
– how to strengthen habit-based weaknesses
– ways to manage cramping, pain and physical issues
– your unique tendencies in walking and standing $25

Restorative Yin, Aromatherapy & Singing Bowls 
Sunday, January 21 from 4-6pm with Erin Bassett, RYT-500
The focus will be on deeep relaxation, muscular release, spiritual exploration, conscious breathing, healing crystal singing bowl sounds and essential oils (if you choose).

This will be a full body yin sequence that is sure to invoke serenity, connection, release, and the best yoga high! Each pose will be intentionally paired with an organic essential oil to promote optimal benefits.This will be a great workshop to learn how to use essential oils and how to use yoga as a tool to find your center wherever you are. Early sign up with the code Yogafive

COST: is $30 (use code YOGA5OFF for discount) and includes a two hour class, hands on assist from yours truly, and use of DoTerra essential oils. Day of registration is $35. I would suggest signing up early because space is limited.



Beginners Teachers Training
200 hour YA Teachers Training February 2018

The seven month, eight weekend curriculum contains detailed lessons on a wide range of topics.  This is designed to cultivate your ability to develop a deep source of knowledge and understanding of the human body and mind and the ability to guide others on their own journey of self-discovery.
The skilled instructors will guide you through a combination of lectures and workshops where you will have to opportunity to learn by being immersed in a lifestyle that encourages awareness and exploration.  Some of the topics you will explore are:
            • Anatomy/Physiology/Kinetics
            • Deep Asana Practice
            • The Purpose of Props
            • How And Why we Sequence
            • Mastering the Mind through Meditation
            • Finding Balance with Pranayama
            • The importance of Shadow work
            • Studio Ownership
            • Philosophy
            • Chakra Training
            • Astrology
            • 8 Limb Path
            • The Yoga Sutras
For more information and to request an application please call Hot House Yoga at
386-676-0572 or email Shelly Kwiatkouski at uma@shellykwiatkouski.com


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1400 HAND AVE | ORMOND BEACH, FL | 386.676.0572 | DIRECTIONS
Recognized by Volusia County Residents as "Best Around" for 2007 - 2017