Shelly Kwiatkouski ERYT-500, YACEP
Studio Owner / Teacher to Teachers
Shelly Kwiatkouski is a kinetic jewel. She is full of dimension, color, energy, wisdom, humor. Shelly teaches yoga classes that embody what it means to be deeply present, creatively challenged, and playfully amused. She has dedicated her life to serve, assist, and guide others to flourish in their own power, passion, and purpose. Thru avid study, faith, practice and integration, Shelly has crafted a one of kind unique teaching style. Her style has been described as intensely passionate, purposeful, and intended to spark growth and change lives. Her classes are written by her soul and enacted thru her heart. Students have been known to effortlessly loose themselves in their practice, finding what it means to be alive, in the presence of Shelly’s calm and connected energy. What Shelly has to offer the world and every yoga community cannot be duplicated nor imitated. 

Shelly, a Yoga Alliance certified E-RYT500, YACEP with over 11,000 hours of teaching under her belt, has owns/directs her own thriving studio, Hot House Yoga in Ormond Beach, FL. Over the last 10 years, this fiery soulful studio has been her venue for which she teaches anatomy, alignment, detox and meditation workshops, beginners hot flow 200 RYT, advanced urban flow 300 RYT teachers trainings. Shelly is authentic, fresh, intuitive, occasionally inappropriate and educated. She is an animal lover on a mission to make a difference. If your seeking truth, growth, connectivity, strength, unity, and challenge, Shelly is who you’ve been looking for. She is a catalyst for creating an awakened, mindful, and courageous life.

For additional details about Shelly classes, trainings and workshops refer to her webs page ShellyKwiatkouski.com or Follow her on Facebook at @shellykwiatkouskiyoga or contact her directly at Uma@ShellyKwiatkouski.com

Bromley Westberry CYT500
Studio Manager
Bromley’s deep rooted earth energy is what keeps him grounded and gives him the drive to be a person of service. He feels it is also responsible for giving him the passion to enable students the ability to empower themselves. Drawing from his wide range of yogic influences he offers a challenging practice with a compassionate tone. His classes aim at giving attention to asana, flow, and breathe in order to energize the body, soften the heart, and settle the mind. Bromley believes that yoga is not just a class but a lifestyle, or way of life. It is a holistic practice towards wellness, to help one connect to their true self. Bromley believes that if you emphasize the connection to the breath during practice, the therapeutic aspects of yoga will shine through.

Through his own trials and tribulations on his own yogic path, he has come to understand that the practice of yoga offers us a glimpse into the habits and patterns of our body and mind. This philosophy has helped him to learn that we are all different in body and mind and the need to allow one to find their way. He feels strongly that when we are invited to pay careful attention to the truth of each moment, our actions become guided by this truth. Between work and raising his son, and the asana practice, Bromley still finds time to devote to a variety of passions: “Manatating” on his boat, watching beautiful sunrises and nature at play- these all keep his soul alive.

Bromley’s motto, “GOD’s innocents deserve to be treated with loving kindness.,” leads him to his most heartwarming, rewarding service of rescuing/ finding homes for animals. Bromley tries to live his life by four simple words.

Erin Bassett CYT500
She’s soulful, compassionate, kind, knowledgeable, funny, and adventurous. Erin Bassett, the Environmental Yogi, uses yoga as her compass in navigating life. She is deeply connected to yoga and the earth and is extremely passionate about protecting its diversity and beauty. She travels often to explore and connect with it, the wonderful people, plants, and animals that inhabit it. Erin is a FL native, a RYT 500, a Defi certified aerial yoga instructor and so much more.

She has also studied and earned a B.S. in Environmental Science and Biology through UNF. She knows yoga is a science of the internal world and biology is the study of the external world. She has unified the two and has found solace in the combination. This is her steadfast and origin of integrity from which she teaches. Her unique method is to utilize yoga as a tool to realize and create a loving relationship with our highest potential, God, the Universe, each other, and our environment. She believes this is the way to create a more meaningful, authentic, evolving, and joyful life. Erin is a natural teacher who resides in her heart space. She encourages, supports, and nurtures her students, community, friends, and family. She feels honored to share this sacred practice and is deeply grateful for students who allows her to do so. Erin’s classes are infused with creativity, intentional breath work, humor, balanced yet challenging and purposeful sequencing.

Erin is skilled in acute body mechanics and focuses very much on anatomical alignment that is unique to each body. This attention to detail is intended to bring students back into balance, safety, and sustainability. She is also known for generous assists, a myriad of modifications, and a sweet calming voice that is a joy to follow. She calls upon the intelligence and teachings of the elements and the natural world to fuel her gift of grounding others. Erin truly teaches a wide array of classes. Depending on the class expect to create shapes with your body in all directions, including inverted. She has been teaching yoga for 6 years and finds fulfillment in teaching/leading private lessons, weekly public classes, workshops, retreats, and environmental stewarding events. She has combined her passions of yoga and the outdoors and had created Environmental Yogi. These events include an outdoor yoga class, environmental education, swimming, hiking, networking, and activism. When not teaching or practicing yoga Erin may be exploring, spring hunting, free and scuba diving, running a forest trail, getting salty in the ocean, drinking coffee and wine, nannying, serving up food truck nomz, laughing and making others laugh, writing, practicing photography, spending time with friends and family, and cherishing everything.

Lauren Risinger RYT500
Lauren Risinger is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and inspiring yoga teacher who is committed to creating a fun yet transformative class environment, empowering her students to explore and expand within their own body, mind, and spirit. She is a strong and devoted yoga practitioner and her teaching style mirrors her own fiery practice. 
A blend of Anusara and Ashtanga styles, her classes integrate unique and challenging sequencing with a vinyasa-base, a strong emphasis on structural alignment, and breath. Delivered in Sanskrit and English, Lauren incorporates hand-selected music, lots of verbal cues, demonstrations as needed, and hands on assists. Whether you are a first timer or an advanced practitioner, she strives to aid ALL of her students in developing and deepen their practice. Through the integration of asana, breath, and meditation her mission is to help her students bring balance to their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Lauren sees yoga as vehicle to transformation: recognizing that the healing qualities of yoga go much further than skin deep. Asana practice can be the catalyst to gaining deeper Self awareness and living the life you want and deserve to live. 
Lauren is a 500 RYT yoga teacher has been teaching yoga for over 4 years is also Reiki Master. In addition to teaching yoga Lauren is an avid equestrian - training horses and teaching horse back riding lessons. When not on her mat or in the saddle, she spends most of her time with her young daughter and her husband. She is passionate about healthy living, music, learning, reading, self-study, and all things spiritually flavored.

Thomas Allman, RYT500
There is no finish line in yoga; it is the ongoing process of self-discovery and transformation. This is the cornerstone of Thomas’ teaching intention while also offering a fun and safe environment for students to practice their yoga. He has an intuitive spirit and brings a genuine style of teaching that empowers students to believe in themselves and their own unique expression of the yoga practice. You will often hear him remind students not to worry about what the pose is supposed to look like, but to bring their awareness to how their body feels in the pose.
Thomas is passionate about yoga. His teaching style is a blend of humor and authority that offers students a balance of flexibility and strength building flows which allows them to find their edge; but to make the quality of the breath the most interesting part of the pose. You can also expect a core sequence embedded in his flows because developing a strong but supple core can take any yoga practice to the next level.
Thomas is a RYT500 and earned his certification under the teaching and influences of Shelly Kwiatkouski. He is continually inspired by Tymi Howard, Julie Kohler, Jami Monahan, Alexis Martin and many other expert teachers who openly share their insight and knowledge of the yoga practice.
Come to class with an open mind and be ready to flow and get your sweat on. Of course, there will be an arm balance (or two) because they’re just fun to do. No worries or expectations just you and your mat taking time to do something good for your body and mind. You create the practice, so let the practice create you. You can find out more about Thomas and check his teaching schedule by liking and following his FaceBook page: Allman Yoga.
“I want to make sure during class that I can truly connect with my students because I am learning as much from them as they are from me”. – Thomas Allman

Michelle McWhorter BSN RN,RYT500
“She’s always smiling!” is what you’ll hear from anyone who knows her. Her vibrant energy fills a room, touching all those she comes into contact with. Having recently completed her 200 Hour Certification with Shelly Kwiatkouski at Hot House Yoga in August 2016, she felt she was only beginning to scratch the surface of understanding the yoga principles and how to integrate them into her daily life on and off the mat. This gift of self discovery is what she brings to the yoga room to share with others...re-discovering your authentic self and sharing that gift with the world is the most rewarding act of service. 
Michelle re-discovered yoga two years ago as a way to relieve stress and anxiety from her role as a critical care RN in the ICU. It served as an outlet for release. In addition to the mental and physical benefits, she soon discovered all the personal growth benefits that were accompanying it. It was also noticed by her family, friends and work peers.  This led her to delve deeper into self discovery with enrollment in the 200 RYT where she was able to integrate her extensive knowledge of how the body worked with her yoga practice and sharing that with others. Michelle maintains a strong asana practice strengthening her own understanding of yoga.

Michelle has a sincere love for helping people and animals who cannot stand up or speak or themselves. She continues to work at an RN in the medical field specializing in neuroscience: the function of the brain and spine. When not on her mat she can be found enjoying her passion of horses, nature, and her lil’ “heartbeat at her feet,” Roman”. Laughter feels good; especially when experienced with those who share your same passion,weather it be horses, yoga, travel, or good food.”

Jami Monahan ERYT-200 YACEP
Jami sweet disposition will quickly dissipate any fears students have about yoga, and will motivate students to find their own inner teacher. She teaches with understanding that yoga is about self-realization and that the journey constitutes peeling back the layers created by past experiences and finding ones true self. Jami says being a yoga teacher is like lighting the lamp on a dark path.

It is ultimately up to the student to take the steps to self-realization and proceeding down the path on their own inward journey. She understands that being a yoga teacher is a huge responsibility and wants students to be empowered and know they can make a difference. Jami’s knowledge of modifications and props will allow each student to feel successful in his or her yoga practice. Her genuine care for the students shows in her encouraging, playful teaching style. Her classes flow with inspiration and motivation as well as an emphasis on alignment and breath. It is Jami’s positive, upbeat personality that is sure to leave a smile on your face!

Andrea Rickett RYT500
Vision: to serve the yoga community by providing a safe environment for people to realize the physical and spiritual gift already inside them. Inspire people to live a life free of fear and full of love.

A self-described “thinker”, Andrea spent the majority of her life in Northern California before moving to Central Florida in 2015. Her thirst for knowledge has her constantly needing to know more. Her witty humor could be missed if you are not paying close attention. Expect a teacher that is mindful, generous and strong. She enjoys focusing on individual body needs and proper alignment. Teaching students how to make the pose work their body, instead of forcing the body into the pose. Her classes are for all students beginning and intermediate looking for a strong foundation to deepen their practice. Props are welcomed and encouraged. Learn to stop comparing yourself to others and appreciate your body. Andrea also enjoys all things creative (painting, drawing, etc), playing the guitar and animals.
Andrea started taking yoga in 2010 when she moved from California to Maryland. In and effort to create an exercise routine and to meet new people she signed up for a class at the community center. She was very lucky that the teacher was an amazing yogi that taught classes all over the area. The class was amazing and the peace she felt after her first class had her hooked. Andrea had no idea at the time that there was more to yoga than Asana practice. She started to explore yoga for depression and anxiety taught by a yoga therapist, this is when she began to recognized the emotional and spiritual benefits. Since then Andrea has taken countless classes and workshops. Andrea’s teaching style has been inspired by her teachers Satyam Kumar, Pat Simpson, Gary Kraftsow, Krista Masters and Shelly Kwiatkouski. I have completed the RYS 200 Hour YA teacher training program at Hot House Yoga with Shelly Kwiatkouski, 25 Hour YA Viniyoga Institute Heart Mind Retreat with Gary Kraftsow, and the 20 Hour Intensive with Phillip Askew.

Anilda Carrasquillo RYT 500
Anilda Ward is a certified teacher, RYT500 hours in compliance with the Yoga Alliance standards.  She has also received a certificate of completion from the Duke Institute of Integrative Medicine in Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors.

Anilda  passion for yoga began in 2008 after attending her first yoga class in search of a relieve to chronic back pain.  She quickly felt challenged to improve her own breathing capacity, physical strength and her ability to be still and concentrate.   Anilda’s experience with a regular yoga practice has had a tremendous impact in her ability to manage and relieve chronic pain and its side effects and she desires to share her experience with the fast-growing senior population, cancer patients and those suffering with health challenges that limit their abilities.

Anilda offers a practice that is precise, detailed, compassionate and sensitive to the complexi-ties and vulnerabilities of the older adult population who is not quite as mobile as they used to be. She specializes in therapeutic applications of yoga to stay functional, release tension, stretch and strengthen the body, relax the mind and lift the spirit.  She appropriately modifies the postures to safely and effectively work with the senior population who in her opinion is a group that copes with getting older and doesn’t always have the support that is needed. She recognizes that a typical class for these groups is likely to represent the most diverse mix of abilities of any age group.

Anilda incorporates Pranayama (breathing techniques) as part of her classes. She believes that our breath is like a diamond, that you carry with you at all times and can be used to cut through all of the stress and external pressures the world brings. If you are able to use your own breath to relax, to stop anxiety and develop a one point focus mind, you will have more energy and a better sense of yourself.

Anilda currently teaches yoga to breast cancer patients and survivors at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute in Ormond Beach. She offers private classes and will work with your individual needs to get you comfortable with the techniques.
Cindy Baldwin RYT500
Cindy’s personal mission is to share her love of yoga with everyone.  Truly anyone can do it if they believe in themselves and try.  Yoga is a way for Cindy to unwind from a stressful day and reconnect with her authentic self.  In the rush of day to day chaos often real meaning, what’s important,  gets lost. 

Cindy is a compassionate physician, wife and mother who loves horseback riding, travelling, and yoga.  She teaches vinyasa to beginner and intermediate students and has over five years of yoga experience.  She started doing yoga to build her upper body strength to prepare for a two week white water rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in 2014.  Her yoga teachers have been Shelly Kwiatkouski, Alexis Martin, Bromley Westberry, Jami Monahan and Dylan Werner.  Cindy feels blessed to serve this community.

Bernadette Christaldi CYT500
Bernadette Christaldi is a CYT200 certified instructor and currently achieving her RYT500. Berni started her yogic journey over a decade ago as a student at Hot House Yoga. Her passion for life makes her a strong and supportive teacher that will have her students laughing while they sweat.
As a business owner, Berni has gained the experience to gracefully lead a room through everything from a simple beginner’s flow to the more complex, advanced vinyasa.  Her jokes and encouraging words puts her students at ease and invites mindful exploration of their limits. She believes that all people are capable of accomplishing the spiritual peace and physical connection with their own body that comes with the regular practice of yoga.
Berni’s exuberance is apparent in the fire that comes out during her flows. One can’t help but feel motivated when her infectious, positive energy enters the room. Though she enjoys the complexity of arm balances and more demanding poses, she thoroughly understands the importance of a strong foundation. Having an active practice for over ten years has given her the insight to know when a simple modification necessary and the benefits that come with it. 

Rebecca Provost RYT500
Rebecca originally began studying tarot as a teenager because the idea of finding a connection to other people and the universe was intriguing. Little did she know this would be a life-long journey. After roughly ten years of independent study she found a mentor. Along with knowing the definitions of the cards, her new mentor impressed upon her the importance of meditation and a connection to the spirit.  To expand her spiritual practice, Rebecca has received her RYT200 certificate and is in the process of completing her RYT500.
Under the tutelage of her mentor, she began professionally reading at festivals, parties and in one-on-one sessions about eight years ago. Helping people gain insight to their lives and moving forward has become Rebecca’s motivation for furthering her studies and exploration of the craft. Her thoughts on what she does: “Honest and direct communication is the key to a successful reading, clients come to me because they are looking for their truth. It is so important to pass on any information in a constructive and helpful way.” 
Susan Royal RYT200, LVCYT
Psst... Have you always wanted to try yoga? Susan will lead you through classes that are carefully thought out to help you become stronger, more flexible and have more stamina. Susan’s joy is helping people discover their full potential, both in body and in sprit. Susan wants people to walk away feeling encouraged and she will use cues that will enable you to be successful. Poses become accessible as modifications are offered to the individual needs of the student. You will feel empowered and eager to continue your yoga practice. Susan is very empathetic to the concerns of older adults, who might be coming into a yoga practice after time off from physical movement, and the little aches and pains that might accompany them. She has had her own heath challenges of scoliosis, sciatica and rotated pelvis and feels that yoga has helped in her own recovery, both physically and spiritually. She is more balanced and stronger and leads a less painful day-to-day life due to her yoga practice.
Susan also meditates on a regular bases so she can start the day with a calmer and clearer mind. Susan is also a classically trained Pilates teacher, and sees the benefits of combing the two and will offer that experience from time to time. Susan tries to find humor in every situation and believes that laughter keeps the heart light and smiling. Her passions are family, being outdoors, exploring and hiking in the woods, horseback riding, her dog Venus, and most recently, surfing. At the age of 62, what better age to start something new! Just like Yoga!
“My own teachers, most particularly Jami Monahan, have been such a positive and instrumental force in my life, and I hope to offer the same to those that come to my yoga classes.” 

Melissa Paliani RYT500
Melissa believes through Yoga one can achieve a healthy mind, body and soul.  After receiving her doctorate in Clinical Psychology she joined the Army.  She served our country as a soldier and civilian for 19 years. She continues to serve Veterans as she pursues her yogic journey. 

Her goal is to teach her students how to find their inspiration and both inner and outer strength through yoga.  Through the integration of ASANAS and PRANAYAMA . Her teaching belief is to teach her students to build a strong foundation in their yoga practice.  She does this by teaching students the fundamental asanas of yoga. 

She believes that if a student can do the basic poses of yoga they will be able to build their strength and move on to more advanced poses.  Her true passion is to help students develop physical, emotional and spiritual health.


Elizabeth Guillen RYT500
 Check back soon for Elizabeth Guillen bio 

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1400 HAND AVE | ORMOND BEACH, FL | 386.676.0572 | DIRECTIONS
Recognized by Volusia County Residents as "Best Around" for 2007 - 2017