Shelly Kwiatkouski is a kinetic jewel. She is full of dimension, color, energy, wisdom, humor. Shelly teaches yoga classes that embody what it means to be deeply present, creatively challenged, and playfully amused. She has dedicated her life to serve, assist, and guide others to flourish in their own power, passion, and purpose. Thru avid study, faith, practice and integration, Shelly has crafted a one of kind unique teaching style. Her style has been described as intensely passionate, purposeful, and intended to spark growth and change lives. Her classes are written by her soul and enacted thru her heart. Students have been known to effortlessly lose themselves in their practice, finding what it means to be alive, in the presence of Shelly’s calm and connected energy. What Shelly has to offer the world and every yoga community cannot be duplicated or imitated. 

Shelly, a Yoga Alliance certified E-RYT500, YACEP with over 15,000 hours of teaching under her belt, and is the founder of Hot House Yoga in Ormond Beach, FL. Over the last 15 years, this fiery soulful studio has been her venue for which she teaches anatomy, alignment, detox and meditation workshops, beginners hot flow 200 RYT, advanced urban flow 300 RYT teachers pieces of training. Shelly is authentic, fresh, intuitive, occasionally inappropriate and educated. She is an animal lover on a mission to make a difference. If your seeking truth, growth, connectivity, strength, unity, and challenge, Shelly is who you’ve been looking for. She is a catalyst for creating an awakened, mindful, and courageous life.

For additional details about Shelly classes, pieces of training and workshops refer to her webs page ShellyKwiatkouski.com or Follow her on Facebook at @shellykwiatkouskiyoga or contact her directly at Uma@ShellyKwiatkouski.com

Sapna is a dedicated, hard- working and humble yoga practitioner. Growing up in India, she was introduced to yoga by her mother as a teenager. After years of high intensity training, she found solace in yoga, after developing multiple injuries from her prior training. Through yoga, she is able to build relationships between the mind, body, and breath- an ability that she finds truly eye- opening. 

Sapna has completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training from Hot House Yoga, under the guidance of Jamie Monahan. Initially, partaking in the 200 Hr. program was solely for personal growth; however, as each session progressed, the art of a yoga flow, truly transformed the way she sees her body, mind, and spirit. Through yoga, Sapna developed an extreme appreciation for the immeasurable strength and capabilities of the human body. Intrigued by the depth of opportunity that yoga offers, Sapna went on to study under Shelly Kwiatkouski completing her 300-hour training at HHYoga in Ormond Beach. 

Sapna is known for her authentic, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-centered philosophy. Availing herself to continuous philosophical education from various spiritual disciplines, Sapna weaves thought-provoking meditations throughout her classes, applying ancient wisdom to our contemporary western world in a useful and understandable way. She encourages growth of the physical and spiritual self, citing the interconnectedness to each other, to the world and to the universe at large. 

The main premise of her teachings is to highlight the complexity, yet simplicity, of a truly beauty art form. When Sapna is on her mat, one can feel the spiritual energy that resonates from her and all who have had the opportunity to practice with her, or learn from her, walk away with a truly pure experience that touch the heart.

Cate just has an energy to her. She lights up her yoga classes with her bright spirit. She believes in the limitless potential of all of her students, and teaches in a way that brings them to new heights in both the physical and spiritual aspects of the practice. Back in 2012, Cate randomly walked into a yoga class at the gym, and her life changed forever. Yoga transformed her view of physical exercise from a punishment to be “toughed out” to a celebration of gratitude for the human body. 

Yoga taught Cate to begin to love herself. After a few years of consistent practice, she knew she had to become a yoga teacher to what she had learned with others. Above all, Cate’s message to her students is one of self love. It is not how you look in the yoga pose that is important, but how you feel. She weaves her classes like a tapestry, leaving her students feeling empowered, refreshed, and energized. An avid runner, Cate loves to train for half marathons and marathons.

There is no distance too far, as long as there is a promise of brunch at the end. While she has been described as a bit of a powerhouse, Cate believes that all movement can and should occur gently. Whether it be a marathon or a sweaty vinyasa class, Cate incorporates gratitude and compassion into her practice, and encourages her students to do the same. She is highly attuned to listening to the body’s subtle cues, and understands that true strength is achieved with gentleness. Best of all, Yoga should be fun!

Cate earned her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification in 2015, and has been blessed with the opportunity to learn from many amazing teachers. She is inspired by the teachings of Bryan Kest and Ram Das, as well as the writings of Henry David Thoreau. Currently, Cate is training for her 300 hour certification under Shelly Kwiatkouski. When not on her yoga mat, Cate can be found paddling around in the ocean, riding her bicycle, running to her favorite pub, or traveling the world. She is usually surrounded by her two beloved rescue dogs, Izzy and Archie.

Jami’s sweet disposition will quickly dissipate any fears students have about yoga, and will motivate students to find their own inner teacher. She teaches with understanding that yoga is about self-realization and that the journey constitutes peeling back the layers created by past experiences and finding ones true self. Jami says being a yoga teacher is like lighting the lamp on a dark path. It is ultimately up to the student to take the steps to self-realization and proceeding down the path on their own inward journey. She understands that being a yoga teacher is a huge responsibility and wants students to be empowered and know they can make a difference.

Jami’s knowledge of modifications and props will allow each student to feel successful in his or her yoga practice. Her genuine care for the students shows in her encouraging, playful teaching style. Her classes flow with inspiration and motivation as well as an emphasis on alignment and breath. It is Jami’s positive, upbeat personality that is sure to leave a smile on your face!

Yoga took root in Jami’s life when she realized the positive impact it made on the quality of her life with the creation of strength and balance in her body, mind, and spirit. Her passion for yoga was quickly paired with her teaching background, and is now a RYT 500, a graduate of Hot House Yoga’s teacher’s training program. Jami incorporates yoga into her life by living the Eight Limb Path of Yoga as it is written in the Yoga Sutras by Pantajali.

Jami is also passionate about nutrition and currently works at a health food store when she’s not at Hot House Yoga. She is a firm believer of building the body up & not breaking it down while promoting health to all! Being a life-long learner, you are sure to find Jami’s home full of books & magazines covering all sorts of topics such as: yoga, anatomy, vegetarian cooking, astrology, ayurveda, the Yoga Sutras, and all types of inspirational readings.

Jami is very grateful for her teacher Shelly Kwiatkouski, aka Uma for always seeing her potential and for their unwavering love and support. She is also thankful of her experiences with kirtan wallahs Krishna Das, Girish, and Bhagavan Das.“Yoga allows me to shatter perfection, live my dreams, and be successful in my own life.” -Jami Monahan


Elizabeth (aka Betia) is an avid traveler and lover of life. She considers herself a student of the world and has gained a deep respect and admiration for many people, cultures, and places she has had the privilege to visit. Betia recently moved back to the States after teaching yoga and English in Tokyo the past seven years.

Betia’s yoga journey began when her tía Sarah took her to her very first class here at Hot House with none other than the spunky, yoga dog mama, Shelly Kwiatkouski. Betia immediately fell in love with and grew a passion for the practice. She took her practice abroad where after just a few short months of teaching English in Tokyo, Betia found herself needing to reconnect with herself and others. And so in August of 2015, she spontaneously bought herself a ticket to Thailand where she completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training in Ashtanga. Three years later, Betia was in search of a more spiritual connection which led her to the yoga capital of the world: Rishikesh, India, where she completed her 300 Hour Teacher Training in Ashtanga/ Vinyasa. It was a once in a lifetime experience that she will forever cherish.

Teaching is in her nature and practicing yoga has been a transformative experience in her life. She hopes to help provide inspiration and direction to her students as they embark on their own unique yoga journey.
Betia loves to teach fun, creative and challenging vinyasa flow classes, but like everything in life, one needs yin to balance yang. She loves the challenge that yin brings and that is softness, ease and clarity. Clear intentions give us clear results. Join her in her yin classes creating connections as we let go of attachments. 
  • Ashtanga 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified
  • Anatomy Yoga Teacher Training (20-hour Padmanjali Anatomy Yoga teacher Training course)
  • Ashtanga and Vinyasa 300Hr Yoga Alliance Certified