300 Hour YA Teachers Training

Philosophical Teachers Training

"To confront a person with his own shadow is to show him his own light."  ~Carl Jung
Carl Jung helped to illuminate and acknowledge the shadow, which is alive and well in all of us.  Jung mentions throughout his life's work that dealing with our shadow is a daily quest.  As we awaken to this aspect of self, we are asked to recognize the 'compartments' of self that have been muted because we haven't had the tools to accept these parts of self.  We find it easier to project our darkness onto others.  

As you shift your awareness from the light to the dark, you begin to awaken to the duality of living.  It is the path of awakening that you realize the light needs the dark to fully appreciate the shadows of being alive.  
If you are longing to embrace the shadow parts of self, then do so in an environment that supports and honors your growth.  Shame and guilt are kindred companions that keep the darkness from knowing the light.  
"When it's about me I can change it.  If you want to have a life worth living, you can't chase happiness and avoid aversion." ~Shelly Kwiatkouski aka 'Uma'
The 300-hour Spiritual Evolution program allows you to embrace the shadow and do your work as a teacher.  As a teacher of this ancient practice, it becomes your responsibility to view this work as an opportunity for personal growth.  The more 'awake' and 'aware'  you are, the more present you can be for your students.  Aren't you longing to really really really show up for your life?  
How does the shadow emerge in your life?  Are you quick to judge others?  Do you run spiritual practices to distract yourself?  Can you own that others are in therapy because of you?  
During this 300-hour Spiritual Evolution program prepare to go all in!  No labels, just love people!  Love for the shadow that has gotten you to this point in your life that you are ready to transform and transcend.  Give yourself a big hug, because there is no exclusion....love for all parts of self!  There's no candy coating, no sugar plum fairies, no rocks to hide under...be prepared to get spiritually real!  
If you are ready to reveal your shadow, then know that the light is close to following.  My 300  Spiritual Evolution training is based on acknowledging the shadow and being a mindful explorer of its presence in your life.  The 300-hour Spiritual Evolution program offers you multiple experiences to practically acknowledge the presence of the shadow in your life.  Through various activities, you will come to know and love this part of self.  If you have been willing to live in the darkness, don't you think it's time to step into the light? 
300-hour Teachers Training Curriculum
• Intensive study and practice of Advances Vinyasa Flow
• Exploration of the physiology of energy with various Meditation Techniques
• The 7 Chakras: Your Spiritual Backbone
• Interpreting Your Contracts and Your Archetypal Wheel

• Deepening your sadhana and social silence, chanting, mantras, breath work
• Cultivating a healing practice

• Integrating the 8 limb path
• Advanced techniques for teaching in-depth asana assists
• Safely preparing muscle groups for specific poses
• Understanding anatomy in relationship to asana
• The Business of Yoga
• Philosophy Discussions on the Yoga Sutra
 and Bhagavad Gita 

300 Hour Required Reading Materials
Anatomy of the Spirit by: Caroline Myss, Ph.D.
Sacred Contracts by: Caroline Myss, Ph.D.
Hands of Light by: Barbara Brennan
Bhagavad Gita by: Stephen Mitchell
Functional Anatomy of Yoga by: David Keil
The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book by: Kelly Solloway
Yoga Adjustments by: Mark Stephens and Shiva Rea
The Secret of the Yoga Sutras by: Pandit Rajmani Tigunait PhD
Yoga Sequencing by: Mark Stephen
(we recommend ordering online with amazon.com)

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